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  • MatchPlay Darts

    2021 Matchplay will be played with Crowds at the Winter Gardens Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, England.

    2021 Betfred World Matchplay Matches...

    World Matchplay - Info & Results

    Schedule - Order of Play
    Saturday, July 17th (7 PM)
    4x First Round

    Dave Chisnall 10-8 Vincent van der Voort
    Jonny Clayton 10-7 Dirk van Duijvenbode
    Gerwyn Price 10-4 Jermaine Wattimena
    Dimitri Van den Bergh 10-5 Devon Petersen
    Sunday July 18
    Afternoon Session (1 PM)
    4x First Round

    Krzysztof Ratajski 10-4 Brendan Dolan
    Glen Durrant 6-10 Callan Rydz
    Rob Cross 10-8 Ross Smith
    James Wade 3-10 Luke Humphries
    Evening Session (7:30 PM)
    4x First Round

    Joe Cullen 10-8 Chris Dobey
    Michael Smith 10-7 Ryan Searle
    Peter Wright 10-2 Danny Noppert
    Jose de Sousa 10-2 Gabriel Clemens
    Monday July 19 (7 PM)
    4x First Round

    Daryl Gurney 7-10 Ian White
    Nathan Aspinall 10-6 Mervyn King
    Michael van Gerwen 10-7 Damon Heta
    Gary Anderson 10-5 Stephen Bunting
    Tuesday July 20 (7 PM)
    4x Second Round

    Rob Cross 8-11 Callan Rydz
    Luke Humphries 5-11 Krzysztof Ratajski
    Gerwyn Price 11-3 Jonny Clayton
    Dimitri Van den Bergh 11-8 Dave Chisnall
    Wednesday July 21 (7 PM)
    4x Second Round

    Michael Smith 13-11 Jose de Sousa
    Gary Anderson 9-11 Nathan Aspinall
    Michael van Gerwen 11-8 Ian White
    Peter Wright 11-5 Joe Cullen
    Thursday July 22 (7 PM)
    2x Quarter-Finals
    Krzysztof Ratajski 16-8 Callan Rydz
    Gerwyn Price 9-16 Dimitri Van den Bergh
    Friday July 23 (7 PM)
    2x Quarter-Finals

    Peter Wright 16-7 Michael Smith
    Michael van Gerwen 16-9 Nathan Aspinall
    Saturday July 24 (7 PM)

    Dimitri Van den Bergh 17-9 Krzysztof Ratajski
    Peter Wright 17-10 Michael van Gerwen
    Sunday July 25 (8:30 PM)

    Dimitri Van den Bergh 9-18 Peter Wright

    Draw Bracket
    (1) Gerwyn Price v Mensur Suljovic
    (16) Jonny Clayton v Dirk van Duijvenbode
    (8) Dimitri Van den Bergh v Devon Petersen
    (9) Dave Chisnall v Vincent van der Voort
    (4) James Wade v Luke Humphries
    (13) Krzysztof Ratajski v Brendan Dolan
    (5) Rob Cross v Ross Smith
    (12) Glen Durrant v Callan Rydz
    (2) Peter Wright v Danny Noppert
    (15) Joe Cullen v Chris Dobey
    (7) Michael Smith v Ryan Searle
    (10) Jose de Sousa v Gabriel Clemens
    (3) Michael van Gerwen v Damon Heta
    (14) Daryl Gurney v Ian White
    (6) Gary Anderson v Stephen Bunting
    (11) Nathan Aspinall v Mervyn King

    First Round - Best of 19 legs
    Second Round - Best of 21 legs
    Quarter-Finals - Best of 31 legs
    Semi-Finals - Best of 33 legs
    Final - Best of 35 legs

    * Each game must be won by two clear legs, with up to a maximum of five additional legs being played before the sixth "extra" leg is sudden-death. There will be no re-throw for the bull in this instance.
    For example, should a First Round game (best of 19 legs) reach 12-12, then the 25th leg would be the final and deciding leg

    Prize Fund
    Winner £150,000
    Runner-Up £70,000
    Semi-Finalists £50,000
    Quarter-Finalists £25,000
    Second Round Losers £15,000
    First Round Losers £10,000
    Total £700,000
    * In addition, should any player achieve a nine-dart finish, they would receive a £5,000 bonus. In the event of more than one player hitting a nine-dart finish, the bonus would be shared on a pro-rata basis.

  • World Championship

    PDC World Championship 2020 / 2021 Schedule : Order of Play. #whdarts

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    Tuesday December 15 (6PM)
    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Steve West 3-0 Amit Gilitwala (R1)
    Steve Beaton 0-3 Diogo Portela (R1)
    Jeff Smith 3-1 Keane Barry (R1)
    Peter Wright 3-1 S West (R2)

    Wednesday December 16
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Ryan Joyce 3-2 Karel Sedlacek (R1)
    Ross Smith 3-0 David Evans (R1)
    William O’Connor 3-0 Niels Zonneveld (R1)
    Chris Dobey 3-2 J Smith (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Max Hopp 3-0 Gordon Mathers (R1)
    Callan Rydz 3-1 James Bailey (R1)
    Adam Hunt 3-2 Lisa Ashton (R1)
    Glen Durrant 3-0 D Portela (R2)

    Thursday December 17
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Madars Razma 3-0 Toru Suzuki (R1)
    Mike De Decker 0-3 Edward Foulkes (R1)
    Ryan Murray 3-1 Lourence Ilagan (R1)
    Daryl Gurney 3-2 W O’Connor (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Luke Woodhouse 2-3 Jamie Lewis (R1)
    Ron Meulenkamp 3-1 Boris Krcmar (R1)
    Ryan Searle 3-2 Danny Lauby (R1)
    Jose de Sousa 3-1 R Smith (R2)

    Friday December 18
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Mickey Mansell 3-0 Haupai Puha (R1)
    Darius Labanauskas 3-0 Chengan Liu (R1)
    Wayne Jones 3-2 Ciaran Teehan (R1)
    Jamie Hughes 0-3 A Hunt (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Dirk van Duijvenbode 3-2 Bradley Brooks (R1)
    John Henderson 3-2 Marko Kantele (R1)
    Luke Humphries 2-3 Paul Lim (R1)
    James Wade 3-0 C Rydz (R2)

    Saturday December 19
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Steve Lennon 3-1 Daniel Larsson (R1)
    Scott Waites 3-2 Matt Campbell (R1)
    Kim Huybrechts 3-0 Di Zhuang (R1)
    Mervyn King 3-1 M Hopp (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Andy Hamilton 1-3 Nico Kurz (R1)
    Andy Boulton 3-1 Deta Hedman (R1)
    Damon Heta 2-3 Danny Baggish (R1)
    Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Ryan Murray (R2)

    Sunday December 20
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x First Round, 1x Second Round
    Derk Telnekes 2-3 Nick Kenny (R1)
    Jason Lowe 3-1 Dmitriy Gorbunov (R1)
    Maik Kuivenhoven 0-3 Matthew Edgar (R1)
    Vincent van der Voort 3-2 Meulenkamp (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    2x First Round, 2x Second Round
    Martijn Kleermaker v Cameron Carolissen (Bye) (R1)
    Keegan Brown 3-0 Ryan Meikle (R1)
    Jeffrey de Zwaan 0-3 Ryan Searle (R2)
    Jonny Clayton 3-1 John Henderson (R2)

    Monday December 21 (6PM)
    4x Second Round
    Krzysztof Ratajski 3-0 Ryan Joyce (R2)
    Ian White 1-3 K Huybrechts (R2)
    Gerwyn Price 3-2 J Lewis (R2)
    Gabriel Clemens 3-1 N Kurz (R2)

    Tuesday December 22
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    4x Second Round
    Brendan Dolan 3-1 E Foulkes (R2)
    Joe Cullen 3-0 W Jones (R2)
    Simon Whitlock 3-2 Labanauskas (R2)
    Adrian Lewis 1-3 D Baggish (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    4x Second Round
    Danny Noppert 3-1 C Carolissen (R2)
    Devon Petersen 3-1 Lennon (R2)
    Rob Cross 2-3 Van Duijvenbode (R2)
    Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-0 Paul Lim (R2)

    Wednesday December 23
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    4x Second Round
    Ricky Evans 3-1 M Mansell (R2)
    Gary Anderson 3-1 Razma (R2)
    Stephen Bunting 3-2 A Boulton (R2)
    Mensur Suljovic 3-1 M Edgar (R2)

    Evening Session (6PM)
    4x Second Round                        
    Dave Chisnall 3-1 K Brown (R2)
    Jermaine Wattimena 3-1 N Kenny (R2)
    Nathan Aspinall 3-2 S Waites (R2)
    Michael Smith 1-3 Jason Lowe (R2)

    Sunday December 27
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x Third Round
    Krzysztof Ratajski 4-0 Simon Whitlock
    Kim Huybrechts 2-4 Ryan Searle
    Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-0 Jermaine Wattimena

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x Third Round
    Joe Cullen 4-3 Jonny Clayton
    Peter Wright 3-4 Gabriel Clemens
    Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Ricky Evans

    Monday December 28
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x Third Round
    Jose de Sousa 0-4 Mervyn King
    Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-0 Adam Hunt
    Nathan Aspinall 2-4 Vincent van der Voort

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x Third Round
    Gary Anderson 4-3 Mensur Suljovic
    Gerwyn Price 4-3 Brendan Dolan
    Glen Durrant 4-2 Danny Baggish

    Tuesday December 29
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x Third Round
    James Wade 2-4 Stephen Bunting
    Daryl Gurney 4-1 Chris Dobey
    Jason Lowe 0-4 Devon Petersen

    Evening Session (6PM)
    1x Third Round
    Dave Chisnall 4-2 Danny Noppert
    2x Fourth Round
    Gabriel Clemens 3-4 Krzysztof Ratajski
    Michael van Gerwen 4-3 Joe Cullen

    Wednesday December 30
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    3x Fourth Round
    Vincent van der Voort 2-4 Daryl Gurney
    Stephen Bunting 4-3 Ryan Searle
    Devon Petersen 0-4 Gary Anderson

    Evening Session (6PM)
    3x Fourth Round
    Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-3 Glen Durrant
    Gerwyn Price 4-1 Mervyn King
    Dave Chisnall 4-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh

    Friday January 1
    Afternoon Session (12PM)

    2x Quarter-Finals
    Krzysztof Ratajski 3-5 Stephen Bunting
    Gary Anderson 5-1 Dirk Van Duijvenbode

    Evening Session (6PM)
    2x Quarter-Finals
    Gerwyn Price 5-4 Daryl Gurney
    Michael van Gerwen 0-5 Dave Chisnall

    Saturday January 2 (6PM)
    Stephen Bunting 4-6 Gerwyn Price
    Dave Chisnall 3-6 Gary Anderson

    Sunday January 3 (7.30PM)
    Gary Anderson 3-7 Gerwyn Price

  • Premier League

    Unibet PDC Premier League Fixtures 2021

    Order of Play & Results

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    Night One - February 4th 2021
    Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
    5x Matches: 

    Night Two - February 11
    3Arena, Dublin
    5x Matches:

    Night Three - February 18
    Utilita Arena, Newcastle
    5x Matches:

    Night Four - February 25
    Rotterdam Ahoy
    5x Matches:

    Night Five - March 4
    Westpoint Exeter
    5x Matches:

    Night Six - March 11
    SSE Arena, Belfast
    5x Matches:

    Night Seven - March 18
    Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham
    5x Matches: 

    Night Eight - March 25
    Manchester Arena
    5x Matches: 

    Judgement Night 
    Night Nine - April 1st

    Brighton Centre
    5x Matches: 

    Fixtures from Week Ten onwards to be confirmed following Judgement Night. 

    Night Ten - April 8 
    M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool 
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Night 11 - April 15 
    The FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield 
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Night 12 - April 22 
    P&J Live, Aberdeen  
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Night 13 - April 29 
    Utilita Arena, Birmingham
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Night 14 - May 6 
    SSE Hydro, Glasgow  
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Night 15 - May 13 
    First Direct Arena, Leeds   
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Night 16 - May 20 
    O2, London  
    4x Matches:
    Players TBC

    Play-Offs - May 27 
    Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin
    Players TBC

    FINAL - Player tbc vs Player tbc

  • World Grand Prix

    2020 World Grand Prix will be played behind closed doors at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

    2020 BoyleSports Grand Prix Darts - Draw & Schedule.

    2020 BoyleSports World Grand Prix
    Ricoh Arena, Coventry
    Tuesday October 6 (7PM BST)

    8x First Round
    Adrian Lewis (Positive Covid-19 Test)
    Danny Noppert 2-1 Ryan Searle
    Mensur Suljovic 1-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
    Jose De Sousa 0-2 Devon Petersen
    James Wade 0-2 Mervyn King
    Rob Cross 0-2 Gary Anderson
    Michael van Gerwen 2-1 Krzysztof Ratajski
    Michael Smith 0-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh

    Wednesday October 7 (7PM BST)
    8x First Round
    Brendan Dolan 1-2 Kim Huybrechts
    Jamie Hughes 1-2 Jeffrey De Zwaan
    Jonny Clayton 2-1 Ian White
    Dave Chisnall 2-0 Glen Durrant
    Daryl Gurney 1-2 Joe Cullen
    Peter Wright 0-2 Ryan Joyce
    Gerwyn Price 2-0 Jermaine Wattimena
    Nathan Aspinall 0-2 Gabriel Clemens
    Simon Whitlock 2-0 Chris Dobey

    Thursday October 8 (7PM BST)
    4x Second Round
    Dimitri Van den Bergh 1-3 Dirk van Duijvenbode
    Mervyn King 2-3 Simon Whitlock
    Gary Anderson 3-0 Danny Noppert
    Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Devon Petersen

    Friday October 9 (7PM BST)
    4x Second Round
    Ryan Joyce 2-3 Dave Chisnall
    Joe Cullen 3-2 Jonny Clayton
    Gerwyn Price 3-0 Kim Huybrechts
    Gabriel Clemens 0-3 Jeffrey De Zwaan

    Saturday October 10 (7PM BST)
    Dirk van Duijvenbode 3-1 Gary Anderson
    Dave Chisnall 3-2 Joe Cullen
    Gerwyn Price 3-1 Jeffrey de Zwaan
    Michael van Gerwen 0-3 Simon Whitlock

    Sunday October 11 (7PM BST)
    Simon Whitlock 1-4 Dirk van Duijvenbode
    Gerwyn Price 4-3 Dave Chisnall

    Monday October 12 (8PM BST)
    Dirk van Duijvenbode 2-5 Gerwyn Price

  • Grand Slam

    2019 BoyleSports Grand Slam of Darts - Fixtures & Results.

    Gerwyn Price is the New 2018 Champion!

    2019 Grand Slam of Darts
    Schedule of Play

    Saturday November 9th
    Afternoon Session (1PM)

    Groups E-H First Matches
    Nathan Aspinall 5-0 Martin Schindler (H)
    Ryan Harrington 5-4 Danny Noppert (F)
    Gabriel Clemens 5-1 Brendan Dolan (G)
    Dave Chisnall 5-3 Jamie Hughes (E)
    Daryl Gurney 5-0 Richard Veenstra (G)
    Peter Wright 5-2 Wayne Warren (F)
    Rob Cross 5-2 Lisa Ashton (E)
    Michael Smith 5-3 Glen Durrant (H)

    Evening Session (8PM)
    Groups A-D First Matches
    William O'Connor 5-3 Darren Webster (D)
    Gerwyn Price 5-3 Mikuru Suzuki (C)
    Ian White 5-2 Steve Lennon (B)
    Gary Anderson 5-1 Dave Parletti (D)
    James Wade 5-2 Wesley Harms (B)
    Michael van Gerwen 5-2 Jim Williams (A)
    Adrian Lewis 5-2 Ross Smith (A)
    Robert Thornton 5-4 Dimitri Van den Bergh (C)

    Sunday November 10th 
    Afternoon Session (1PM)

    Groups E-H Second Matches
    Saturday's winners face each other, and Saturday's losers face each other.
    Brendan Dolan 5-1 Richard Veenstra (G)
    Danny Noppert 5-1 Wayne Warren (F)
    Jamie Hughes 5-1 Lisa Ashton (E)
    Glen Durrant 5-4 Martin Schindler (H)
    Gabriel Clemens 5-4 Daryl Gurney (G)
    Peter Wright 5-2 Ryan Harrington (F)
    Michael Smith 5-1 Nathan Aspinall (H)
    Dave Chisnall 5-3 Rob Cross (E)

    Evening Session (7PM)
    Groups A-D Second Matches
    Saturday's winners face each other, and Saturday's losers face each other.
    Steve Lennon 5-4 Wesley Harms (B)
    Darren Webster 5-2 Dave Parletti (D)
    Jim Williams 5-1 Ross Smith (A)
    Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-1 Mikuru Suzuki (C)
    Gerwyn Price 5-4 Robert Thornton (C)
    James Wade 5-4 Ian White (B)
    Gary Anderson 5-3 William O'Connor (D)
    Michael van Gerwen 5-2 Adrian Lewis (A)

    Monday November 11th (7PM)
    Groups E-H Final Matches
    Gabriel Clemens 5-2 Richard Veenstra (G) 
    Michael Smith 5-4 Martin Schindler (H) 
    Dave Chisnall 5-1 Lisa Ashton (E)
    Daryl Gurney 5-2 Brendan Dolan (G) 
    Peter Wright 5-2 Danny Noppert (F) 
    Ryan Harrington 5-1 Wayne Warren (F) 
    Rob Cross 5-4 Jamie Hughes (E)
    Glen Durrant 5-0 Nathan Aspinall (H)

    Tuesday November 12th (7PM)
    Groups A-D Final Matches
    Ian White 5-4 Wesley Harms (B) 
    Steve Lennon 5-4 James Wade (B) 
    Michael van Gerwen 5-2 Ross Smith (A) 
    Robert Thornton 5-3 Mikuru Suzuki (C) 
    Gerwyn Price 5-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh (C) 
    Dave Parletti 5-2 William O'Connor (D) 
    Darren Webster 5-4 Gary Anderson (D) 
    Adrian Lewis 5-3 Jim Williams (A)

    Wednesday November 13th (7PM)
    Second Round x4
    Dave Chisnall 10-3 Ryan Harrington
    Glen Durrant 10-9 Gabriel Clemens
    Michael Smith 10-7 Daryl Gurney
    Peter Wright 10-3 Rob Cross

    Thursday November 14th (7PM)
    Second Round x4
    Adrian Lewis 10-9 James Wade
    Gerwyn Price 10-1 Darren Webster
    Michael van Gerwen 10-7 Ian White
    Gary Anderson 10-8 Robert Thornton

    Friday November 15th (7PM)
    Quarter-Finals x2
    Dave Chisnall 12-16 Peter Wright
    Glen Durrant 16-12 Michael Smith

    Saturday November 16th (8PM)
    Quarter-Finals x2
    Gerwyn Price 16-9 Gary Anderson
    Michael van Gerwen 16-6 Adrian Lewis

    Sunday November 17th
    Afternoon Session (1PM)

    Peter Wright 16-11 Glen Durrant
    Michael van Gerwen 12-16 Gerwyn Price

    Evening Session (7PM)
    Gerwyn Price 16-6 Peter Wright

    Group Matches - Best of nine legs
    Second Round - Best of 19 legs
    Quarter-Finals - Best of 31 legs
    Semi-Finals - Best of 31 legs
    Final - Best of 31 legs
    There is no tie-break in any game.
    The top two players from each Group will progress to the knockout phase from the Second Round onwards.
    In the Group Stage, two points are awarded for a win. Any ties for places in each Group will be split by Points Won and then Leg Difference, with the potential for a Nine-Dart Shoot-Out should two or more players be tied for Points and Leg Difference.

    Prize Fund
    Winner   £110,000
    Runner-Up  £55,000
    Semi-Final Losers  £28,500
    Quarter-Final Losers  £16,000
    Second Round Losers £10,000
    Group Winner's Bonus £2,500
    Third Place in Group £5,000
    Fourth Place in Group £3,000
    Total   £450,000

  • Champions League

    2018 Champions League of Darts.

    Gary Anderson is reigning champion by beating Peter Wright 11–4 in the final.

    Saturday September 22 
    Afternoon Session

    Rob Cross 8-10 Mensur Suljovic (B) 
    Peter Wright 10-7 Simon Whitlock (B) 
    Gary Anderson 8-10 Daryl Gurney (A) 
    Michael van Gerwen 10-2 Dave Chisnall (A)

    Evening Session 
    Second Group Matches 
    Saturday afternoon's winning players face each other, and the losing players face each other in each group.

    Rob Cross 10-8 Simon Whitlock (B)
    Mensur Suljovic 10-7 Peter Wright (B)
    Gary Anderson 10-3 Dave Chisnall (A)
    Michael van Gerwen 10-7 Daryl Gurney (A)

    Sunday September 23
    Afternoon Session

    Final Group Matches

    Mensur Suljovic 10-1 Simon Whitlock (B)
    Peter Wright 10-3 Rob Cross (B)
    Daryl Gurney 10-7 Dave Chisnall (A)
    Gary Anderson 10-9 Michael van Gerwen (A)

    Evening Session
    Semi-Finals & Final

    Gary Anderson 11-4 Mensur Suljovic
    Peter Wright 11-9 Michael van Gerwen

    Gary Anderson 11-4 Peter Wright

  • PDC World Cup

    2019 BetVictor World Cup of Darts
    Nations & Competing Players

    (Seed 1) England - Rob Cross & Michael Smith
    (Seed 2) Scotland - Gary Anderson & Peter Wright
    (Seed 3) Wales - Gerwyn Price & Jonny Clayton
    (Seed 4) Netherlands - Michael van Gerwen & Jermaine Wattimena
    (Seed 5) Australia - Simon Whitlock & Kyle Anderson
    (Seed 6) Northern Ireland - Daryl Gurney & Brendan Dolan
    (Seed 7) Belgium - Kim Huybrechts & Dimitri Van den Bergh
    (Seed 8) Austria - Mensur Suljovic & Zoran Lerchbacher
    Brazil - Diogo Portela & Artur Valle
    Canada - Dawson Murschell & Jim Long
    China - Xiaochen Zong & Yuanjun Liu (Qingyu Zhan replaced by Yuanjun Liu)
    Czech Republic - Pavel Jirkal & Karel Sedlacek
    Denmark - Per Laursen & Niels Heinsøe
    Finland - Marko Kantele & Kim Viljanen
    Germany - Max Hopp & Martin Schindler
    Gibraltar - Dyson Parody & Antony Lopez
    Greece - John Michael & Veniamin Symeonidis
    Hong Kong - Royden Lam & Kai Fan Leung
    Hungary - Pal Szekely & Janos Vegso
    Italy - Andrea Micheletti & Stefano Tomassetti
    Japan - Seigo Asada & Haruki Muramatsu
    Lithuania - Darius Labanauskas & Mindaugas Barauskas
    New Zealand - Cody Harris & Haupai Puha
    Philippines - Lourence Ilagan & Noel Malicdem
    Poland - Krzysztof Ratajski & Tytus Kanik
    Republic of Ireland - Steve Lennon & William O'Connor
    Russia - Boris Koltsov & Aleksey Kadochnikov
    Singapore - Paul Lim & Harith Lim
    South Africa - Devon Petersen & Vernon Bouwers
    Spain - Cristo Reyes & Toni Alcinas
    Sweden - Dennis Nilsson & Magnus Caris
    United States of America - Darin Young & Chuck Puleo

    Schedule & Results
    Thursday June 6 (1900 local time, 1800 BST)

    Japan 5-4 Gibraltar
    South Africa 5-4 Northern Ireland
    New Zealand 5-1 Lithuania
    Belgium 5-1 Hong Kong
    Sweden 5-1 Brazil
    Singapore 5-3 Wales
    Germany 5-1 Hungary
    Scotland 5-0 Denmark

    Friday June 7 (1900 local time, 1800 BST)
    USA 5-1 China
    Canada 5-3 Italy
    Poland 5-2 Czech Republic
    Republic of Ireland 5-1 Greece
    England 5-1 Philippines
    Austria 5-3 Russia
    Australia 5-4 Finland
    Netherlands 5-0 Spain

    Saturday June 8
    Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

    Second Round x4
    New Zealand 2-1 South Africa
    Singles One: Cody Harris 4-0 Vernon Bouwers
    Singles Two: Haupai Puha 0-4 Devon Petersen 
    Doubles: New Zealand 4-2 South Africa

    Japan 2-0 Singapore
    Singles One: Seigo Asada 4-3 Paul Lim
    Singles Two: Haruki Muramatsu 4-2 Harith Lim 

    Scotland 2-0 Sweden
    Singles One: Gary Anderson 4-0 Magnus Caris
    Singles Two: Peter Wright 4-2 Dennis Nilsson 

    Belgium 2-0 Germany
    Singles One: Kim Huybrechts 4-3 Martin Schindler
    Singles Two: Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-0 Max Hopp

    Evening Session (1900 local time, 1800 BST)
    Second Round x4
    Canada 2-0 Australia
    Singles One: Dawson Murschell 4-3 Simon Whitlock
    Singles Two: Jim Long 4-3  Kyle Anderson 

    Austria 2-0 USA
    Singles One: Zoran Lerchbacher 4-1 Darin Young 
    Singles Two: Mensur Suljovic 4-0 Chuck Puleo

    Republic of Ireland 2-0 England
    Singles One: Steve Lennon 4-3 Michael Smith
    Singles Two: William O'Connor 4-1 Rob Cross 

    Netherlands 2-0 Poland
    Singles One: Michael van Gerwen 4-2 Krzysztof Ratajski
    Singles Two: Jermaine Wattimena 4-1 Tytus Kanik

    Sunday June 9
    Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

    New Zealand 0-2 Japan
    Singles One: Cody Harris 1-4 Seigo Asada
    Singles Two: Haupai Puha 3-4 Haruki Muramatsu
    Doubles: (Not Needed)

    Scotland 2-0 Belgium
    Singles One: Gary Anderson 4-2 Kim Huybrechts
    Singles Two: Peter Wright 4-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
    Doubles: (Not Needed)

    Republic of Ireland 2-1 Austria
    Singles One: Steve Lennon 4-1 Zoran Lerchbacher
    Singles Two: William O'Connor 0-4 Mensur Suljovic
    Doubles: Republic of Ireland 4-0 Austria

    Netherlands 2-1 Canada
    Singles One: Michael van Gerwen 2-4 Dawson Murschell
    Singles Two: Jermaine Wattimena 4-2 Jim Long
    Doubles: Netherlands 4-1 Canada

    Evening Session (1900 local time, 1800 BST)
    Scotland 2-0 Japan

    Singles One: Gary Anderson 4-2 Seigo Asada
    Singles Two: Peter Wright 4-1 Haruki Muramatsu
    Doubles: (Not Needed)

    Republic of Ireland 2-1 Netherlands
    Singles One: Steve Lennon 3-4 Michael van Gerwen
    Singles Two: William O'Connor 4-1 Jermaine Wattimena
    Doubles: Repubic of Ireland 4-0 Netherlands

    Scotland 3-1 Republic of Ireland
    Singles One: Gary Anderson 2-4 Steve Lennon
    Singles Two: Peter Wright 4-2 William O'Connor
    Doubles: Scotland 4-0 Republic of Ireland
    Singles Three: Peter Wright 4-1 Steve Lennon
    Singles Four: Gary Anderson v William O'Connor (Not Needed)

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